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Water Well


The first stop of the tour.

We begin our tour with an ordinary water well - the simplest technical device that used to be built in most house yards. It was also commonly used by miners. Technically, the water well - or rather its winch - was the simplest form of a mill. The only difference is that most mills worked in the vertical system: their mechanism was perpendicular to the ground surface. The well winch mechanism is parallel to the ground surface, so that it works in the horizontal system. However, the working principle remains the same - the rope wound around the wooden cylinder makes it possible to lift heavier loads.




The water well used to be a meeting place of every settlement where people used to socialise and gossip. At this point, a very important aspect of the Middle Ages should be mentioned, although it also refers to earlier times. Nowadays, most people are not aware that water goes bad quickly. Without chemical preservatives, which were, of course, unknown at the time, it could not be stored very long. That is why the inhabitants of medieval towns mostly drank weak wine, beer and mead. After pasteurisation, they could be stored - mainly in barrels. Fresh water was drunk only by those who had access to a well.



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Map of the Mining Settlement

See the map of the Settlement

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Welcome to the Mine


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