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Vertical Treadmill



This device used the power of human or animal muscles and a transmission to lift huge weights. Such vertical treadmills were the most common mining devices. In most illustrations of medieval mines, you can see the characteristic conical structure resembling an Indian tipi. It was the next step of the development of machines that began to grow in size - our vertical treadmill is almost 15 meters high and can lift weights up to a dozen tons.



In the history of technological progress, vertical treadmills were a common sight in mines, foundries, at construction sites and on farms. Today, it is impossible to list all types of mills that were constructed for medieval workshops. They varied in construction - from simple cranks over water wells for lifting water buckets to complex and powerful buildings like the vertical treadmill presented in our park. This is obviously a horse mill driving a mine lift. The horse would walk in circles, turning the vertical log with a rope wound around a drum in the middle of its height. This mechanism used rollers to lower one end of the rope into the shaft and to lift the other one. Leather bags for the mine's output, buckets, construction materials for building its shafts and galleries were tied to the ends of the rope as required. It was also used for lowering people and horses into the mine.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the function of vertical treadmills was taken over by steam engines, and later by combustion engines.



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