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The Path of Fear

We are leaving the Middle Ages and mining technology for a while. We have prepared an attraction for you that you will not easily forget. You will enter a derelict haunted house. You must find the way back to the Middle Ages. The arrows and other signs will guide you, but many unexpected adventures await you on your way. It will be a little scary, a little uncanny, a little funny and a little mysterious. All the attractions include light, sound and optical effects. It is hard to describe in words - you must experience it yourselves.

The path of fear begins with the revolving tunnel - it is one of the most surprising attractions of our park. Behind the revolving tunnel, there is an emergency exit for the faint-hearted. At that point, you can give up further journey. The brave ones who will keep going will have a wonderful and unforgettable adventure. The way back to the Middle Ages leads through a wardrobe... But you must find it first...



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Map of the Mining Settlement

See the map of the Settlement

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Welcome to the Mine


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