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Horizontal treadmill

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Or treadwheel is just a kind of engine that transforms "life energy" - in our case, the human energy - into mechanical energy. Animals, such as horses or cattle, were also used in treadmills. Instead of using the power of the arms only, as was the case in the hand lift, the whole weight of the human body was applied for lifting weights up to 2000 kg. The wheels varied in diameter and construction - ours is 7 meters in diameter and weighs approximately 3 tons. It is a very efficient device, because the block and transmission system can be operated by a single worker. It must be very well balanced, and all its elements must be perfectly matched. It was usually built from locally available wood - mostly spruce and pine wood, although wheels made of larch or oak wood were, of course, more durable. Such machines were always constructed from fresh, wet wood, so that when it dried up, any empty spaces were filled and the construction became more rigid and homogenous.




In addition, the wood was protected with wood tar, i.e. the thick substance obtained during dry distillation of wood by craftsmen called tar makers. Horizontal treadmills were equipped with a hand brake for stopping the wheel in the required position and for adjusting its speed. Our horizontal treadmill serves as a water drain - it removes excess water from the mine.



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Map of the Mining Settlement

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