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Visiting with Physics

Welcome to the Medieval Mining Settlement

We move back in time to the Middle Ages when rational thinking was heresy and scientists were sorcerers. However, this was also the time when incredible machines - operating according to the laws of physics and mechanics - were invented. We will show you their working principle, and experiments will help you understand how the huge medieval machines were based on the same simple laws of physics that are still applied today.

The aim of the class is to create an environment in which children and adolescents can enjoy their adventure with physics among the simple machines of the Medieval Technological Park.

This adventure will:

  • inspire the passion to discover, examine and test the laws of physics in an active and creative way without getting bored at all (worksheets, experiments, crosswords, games),
  • provide students the opportunity to travel back in time and to discover the early technology and its relations to contemporary machines.
  • allow students to learn and test on their own the working principle and efficiency of various simple machines, e.g. winch, vertical treadmill, hand lift, transmission, etc.,
  • expand their practical knowledge,
  • teach them curiosities about the history and application of the machines,


Each participant will be given an Exercise Book with different gap filling exercises, quizzes, crosswords and interesting tasks. Everyone will be able to carry out experiments under the supervision of our animator and take notes in a special notebook.

The participants will also have the opportunity to visit the whole Medieval Mining Settlement, walk along the Path of Fear and drop by the Executioner's Cottage where the Executioner will tell them why his job is so much hassle.




Price: PLN 13/person

Chaperons 1/10 free of charge!


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Map of the Mining Settlement

See the map of the Settlement

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Welcome to the Mine


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